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A new series of music documentary films
The first deep look on the independent artists and live venues that are shaping the underground music scene. 
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The Spirit Of Camden
the first documentary film

How Does It Sound? reveals the stories and the journey of the artists, bands and venues that left their mark in the music scene of their town.



How much of the artists' sound echoes through the cityscape? And what part does it play in creating and sustaining the texture and existence of a
city’s rhythmic core?


‘How Does It Sound?’ captures the stories of underground artists, music collectives and grassroots venues which have carved out their own place in the heart of the city.

Each contributing to the creation and cultivation of a distinctive sound in a unique community.


Not to be confined by past or contemporary music, nor restricted by any genre. Our interest lie in documenting the physical and emotional spaces of a sound that can only exist within the metropolis unique urban fabric.

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